O’Briens Plumbing and Bathroomware

We carry a wide range of New Zealand Brands and imported products, value for money and a focus on satisfying customer requirements is what makes O’Briens unique. O’Briens offers a comprehensive range of plumbing products and a dedicated service to our plumbing trade.

Our showrooms carry an extensive range of New Zealand Brands as well as international products ideal for retail customers to the view. Our experienced staff are extremely knowledgeable about the products that we sell. We are also happy to offer advice to customers.

At O’Briens we pride ourselves on selling reliable products that we know will last the distance, from well respected suppliers in the market that also supply us with a dedicated source of spare parts and offer warranty services when required. This gives our customers piece of mind that they are buying quality brands that will not only look great but also last.

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